Before making emotional statements

Sasha Sheo Before making emotional statements ask yourself what information sources you have, whose worldview you think so competent that you have taken it for granted and are spreading around. What could you really vouch for and on what grounds? Even if it is a personal experience is it possible to say with confidence that this experience under different circumstances and with other people wouldn’t bring a different result? We live in the world of probabilities, not firm facts. Maybe.

Your partner will not cease

Sasha Sheo Your partner will not cease behaving like a child unless you cease behaving like his mother. But you will not, will you? Because when he “grows up” he will get the right to vote and you will have to take it into account and won’t be able to wave it aside. It is much easier now: don’t anger your Mummy, Mummy is tired, live me alone, you can only think of games, get a life, you are a disaster for me.

I believe that there should be some

Sasha Sheo

I believe that there should be some cultural inequality between partners – it allows one of them to refine as a teacher, and the other one – as a pupil. But if this cultural inequality is added with intellectual inequality (one is able to understand what the other one is not) or values inequality (what is important for one is not important for the other) relations will be spoilt and the gap will grow.