Why Do You Do It Like That? (Sheo-Hat)

Sasha SheoI’ll tell you about quick changes. The idea is for changes to be as easy as to change clothes or a haircut. It is called Sheo-Mo, you know it. Some time ago I wrote about sheo-make-up – eyes and lips, it’s very simple. When you emphasize your eyes you evoke pity and wake up a parent in your partner. When you emphasize your lips you cause desire and you wake up a sexual object. It is all very simple, no psychology, even in the metaphor.

Though it may happen that one starts looking for something particular, and he or she takes the first step. That is to say he or she overtly or covertly opens the door as if saying he or she is open for relationship. So one opens for another person. “I have been hopelessly waiting for you for so long, monsieur Sidoroff, please, come visit”.

But there is a Sheo-hat. And it is also as easy as a pie. A hat is something that covers your head. That is explanations. To behave in this or that way we need (sometimes desperately need) explanations.

So explanations can be different like hats. They can be purely functional (“I am just doing my job”). They can be gender (“Because I am a woman”). They can be aesthetic and elegant (“Because it is beautiful”). There can be none of them (“No reason!”). They can be cultural (“It is the custom”). They can be non-cultural (“I am Taurus”). They can be… any.

What is good about them is that our Sheo-hat, our explanations, are nearly fully under our control. They are easy to study through listening what we refer to; and when it does not work we can start referring to something else.

For example, a very frequent girl’s answer to the question why she behaves so stupidly is “Because I am in love”. Rather often this argument does not work, as the girl does not associate it with the Sheo-hat that doesn’t suit her because it has been out of fashion since her relationship started, and the hat should be changed, sometimes to any other.

Different ones can be tried:

  • Why do you always blow my mind??
  • Because I love you!!
  • Why do you always blow my mind??
  • Because it is my job to blow people’s brains!
  • Why do you always blow my mind??
  • Because I am a woman, you, stupid!
  • Why do you always blow my mind??
  • Because you want it, darling, and I am very docile!
  • Why do you always blow my mind??
  • Because it makes my life fun!!

And so on. You do not realize how bored your partner is with your hat, how desperately he wants something new. And you also do not realize that there is no need in thinking differently from what you think now; it is just the matter of what you are saying.

Is it a deceit? Oh, come on.

Do you dress up to make a better impression? Stockings make your legs slender, tights tighten your buttocks, push-up increase your breast, nail polish adorns your hands, lipstick attracts attention to the upper hole of your body, razor or adhesive strips depilate, perfume…nobody considers it a deceit or manipulation, and rightly so, for there is no beauty without efforts of tailors, perfumers and hairdressers.

What you say and how you say it is exactly the same. There are rude, repulsive, pathetic explanations, get rid of them! Replace this ugly hat with the one that will prettify you.

  • Why do you always blow my mind?
  • Because I adore your mind and your brains, I want to watch them, I want to eat them, I am thirsty for brains, they excite me, I drown in your mind, I want to swim in it, I want to cook your brains with peas, I want to grow them huge, so that before I eat them all I will show them to the whole world and will shout out “Look, you, idiots, at my man’s huge mental organ!!!”

Learn Sheo-Mo, my dear friends.