White and Black (Sheo-Blouse)

Sasha Sheo Among the Sheo-Mo elements the Blouse is a manifestation of one of the two possible answers to the question "Who do you want to be liked by?" The first answer is by girls. The second answer is by boys. It will be more correct to define the answers as representatives of your own sex or representatives of the opposite sex rather than boys and girls. The opposite sex in its turn should be understood as the group of people you prefer as sexual partners.

It means that a heterosexual girl whose look is tenderly admired by girls wears a “white” blouse as it is understood by the Sheo-Mo. If other girls frown while looking at her and try to keep their boys far from her (understanding that they will inevitably pay their lustful attention to her) this Sheo-blouse is called “black”.


White Sheo-blouse looks are not only the looks from “female” commercials – clean, smooth, beautiful, tender, initiation no sexual desire, but they are also “friendly” looks, “one of the guys” looks not rosy and smooth, but on the opposite oiled, denim, weather-beaten, with dirt under unkempt fingernails.

The main sign of the white Sheo-blouse is that everything that can excite is effaced. The bottom and the breast are covered and non-emphasized. Radical colours (black and white for the Power contour; scarlet, red and sequins for the Passion contour) are not allowed. No sexual markers through material (leather, steel) and accessories (chains, locks, pins, other aggression hints) are not possible. Natural (not contrasting by any means) make-up without bright spots of eyes and lips. Shoes with no high heels or pointed toes, or any other type of height and sharpness, etc.


Black Sheo-blouse looks, as you understand, contain elements not permitted by white Sheo-blouse. Generally these looks create a pressing sexual demand for those wearing them.

Really, they often look (especially in girls’ eyes) vulgar. They use more unambiguous, strong accents, they open, highlight and emphasize sex features, their goal is to seduce. Significant overlaps happen here and it is useful to remember that such a presentation can be shocking for some boys as well. But this is the shock caused by meeting one’s own deeply hidden desires, locked for the fear not to be able to manage them if they are released.

The white Sheo-blouse (someone would call it sanctimonious, but I won’t) is often accompanied by the Sheo-makeup emphasizing eyes, the black one is often accompanied by the Sheo-makeup emphasizing lips.

How to wear it

Choosing a Sheo-blouse it is desirable to be guided by a Sheo-vector. But the general principle is to combine elements so that white is peeking out from under the black and vice versa.

I would rather start with a sincere answer to the question asked while looking in a mirror: “Who do I want to be liked by? Who am I going to build relations with?” When the question is answered it is time to start assembling and putting on this element. If you are more concerned with other people’s opinions wear a white blouse. If you want to play in the opposing team, were a black one, definitely.