Where Are You From? (Sheo-Footwear)

Sasha Sheo Sheo-footwear is an important element of sheo-fashion which refers to the inner state. To put it simply these are half-conscious (located at the periphery of consciousness) fantasies of your interlocutor of i) where you have come from, ii) where you are now, if you communicate on the network.

Very roughly, these fantasies can be divided into two groups – your interlocutor has got either an impressions that you have entered the conversation from somewhere where it is (physically, emotionally, mentally, morally) “bad” or an impression that you are from somewhere “good”. The second option will work to strengthen ecology in relations, the second one – to weaken it.

So it is not about experimenting with different improper places (unless you intend to spoil relations irrevocably) but about selecting places that are curious, new, inspiring, tempting in different ways.

N.B. If an interlocutor directly asks you a question like: “Where are you from so excited and cheerful?” don’t cook up, give a frank answer. Sheo-footwear is your inner state. It is generated by memory resources – reminiscences of nice places, wellness, delicious cuisines, interesting books or movies, embraces, kisses, earnings, etc.

For different occasions

To classify Sheo-footwear you can you use the Contour map.

“Strength” – indoor footwear, a cozy and comfortable one, the one a person puts on when he or she has had good rest, delicious lunch, has spent some time in the sun in a nice place, has read a magazine or a slick fiction book, is happy about him- or herself, people and life.

“Power” – expensive, beautiful but formal footwear which is typically worn by a businessman who has just come from a status place connected with serious things like managing people and money.

“Mind” – sport and multi-season footwear designed for people who improve their mind and body, the footwear worn by a person who has travelled a lot exploring the big world or has exercised with intense pleasure.

“Passion” – luxurious, fashionable, impractical, provoking footwear worn by a person who is going to shine and turn heads, the footwear that keeps secret the places the foot wearing it stepped at whether these are expensive restaurants and hotel rooms or private parties, private viewings, executive car shows, etc.

How it should be used

Generally the recommendations on this Sheo-element usage are the following: for the first dates use that Sheo-footwear which is the most comfortable for you, then change it in accordance with the contour map of your partner to maximally meet his or her needs and requirements first and step away from them later on, after which be back again to the “pair” which is the most comfortable for you.

For more details follow your Sheo-look vectors.