Week of Flirtation, Lesson XX “Sheo-Lingerie”

It is our twentieth lesson and I will tell you about something we haven’t yet mentioned during the Week of Flirtation – the “2MW” model. It is about women roles – Mother, Wife, Mistress, Whore. What else can be that close to the topic of flirtation? But it has happened because we have plenty of materials. And there is still plenty left for those of you who will subscribe at this last moment.

Lesson XX (4.5) “Sheo-Lingerie”

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Do you talk about sex with your partner while making sex?

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Task to the video lesson

Try to tell people what make them sexually attractive to you – not aloud, but in your thoughts when it is your turn to listen in communication. Speak very straightforwardly. Looking into the eyes of the person. Anyway you only speak in your thoughts. Do this with different people. Repeat it several times. Until you feel it becomes easy for you.