Week of Flirtation, Lesson XVI “Sheo-Haircut”

Today’s Sheo-Mo (fashion) lesson is devoted to Sheo-Haircut – it reflects rules and ways a person communicates with the world. I would like to notice that both “deaf” and fully uncovered options are suitable for flirtation – mystery magic contends with sincerity magic.

Lesson XVI (4.4) “Sheo-Haircut”

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Have you ever happened to flirt so sophisticatedly that the person you flirted with did not understand it?

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Task to the video lesson

Try to describe how changes in appearance (of hairstyle in particular) influence your character. Do you really add some mistery to yourself when you cover the forehead and ears? Do slanting lines and uneven colouring give a feeling of being special? Have you ever tried to be guided not by outer, but by inner – for example, imagining a fringe rather than having it.