Week of Flirtation, Lesson XI “Your Voice”

Besides content form also gets very important in personal communication. Your intonation is packaging for words.The right intonation may create the right mood for flirtation on the basis of any material, while the wrong one will spoil even the most sexual and playful message. It is my recommendation.

Lesson XI (3.3) “Your Voice”

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How important, to your mind, is the voice for successful flirtation?

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Task to the video lesson

While exercising do it aloud, otherwise nothing will turn on. It is even better to record oneself, to get terrified and continue trying.

Sit straight, relax your stomach, your shoulders, your face. Smile. Calm down your breath. Feel how you are sitting, feel your hair, clothes, air temperature, taste in your mouth, lick your lips and pay attention to the coolness from the moisture on them. Then start talking aloud slowly (I will not be surprised if your voice will be hoarse first): “I am sitting, I am looking around, I am touching the sofa upholstery…” And be aware of your thoughts. Do it like this every day.