Week of Flirtation, Lesson X “Unusualness and Preciseness”

Our today’s lesson on Practice of Relations will be devoted to the ability to satisfy your partner’s needs and demands the way that the idea “I have never had anything of the kind before” gets stuck in his mind. Do you remember this Sheo-rule? Relations continue till needs and demands are satisfied.

Lesson X (3.2) “Unusualness and Preciseness”

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Do you agree with the opinion that if you praise your partner and admire him he will walk over you?

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Task to the video lesson

Remember and tell about, if you can, couple situations when people sincerely thinking they care about you read you “negative lessons” – to put it simple, told you nasty things that spoiled your life. Ask yourself: when you behave the same way do you feed your own fears pretending you care for others? Don’t you – oh, God! – alienate potential partners with such “manifestations of care”?