Week of Flirtation, Lesson VII “Poignancy”

Flirtation, game, sexuality is always crossing one’s personal borders. Staying at your safety island you will not meet anyone, your hints will go unnoticed. Aggression is required, but the one aimed at a peaceful course. Add it to your communication, let it be evident but dosed.

Lesson VII (3.2) “Poignancy”

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Are you happy you were born a woman/a man?

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Task to the video lesson

“Role game” – make it a habit to play roles and their change once a week. Look for a reason to say “Your wish is my command”, or, on the contrary “I order you!” with your friends, colleagues, partner. And do it.

To develop sexual perception exercise in seeing sexual traits in everything around once a week. A copy-book is a girl, I will stroke it gently. A pencil is a boy – I will strongly squeeze it in my hand. A cup is a girl, I will pet it with my hand. Etc. And don’t forget about reminders.