Week of Flirtation, Lesson III “Sensuality”

Today is the first lesson on communication within the “Week of Flirtation” in the School of Relations. We will take a simple communicative tool and will see how to use it in communication. For example, kinesthetic predicates – the words that can not only be understood, but touched and smelled. Conversation, as well as correspondence, can be sensual, heartfelt. let’s see how it can be achieved.

Lesson III (3.1.) Sensuality

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Do you use ambiguities in your communication, the ones like “The jet is so powerful in my shower”?

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Task to the video lesson

For a month set up a daily reminder: “Warm, hot, wet”, for example. Let it beep every 4 hours. Try to add sensual words into your communication. See, what changes, as well as difficulties, you will face by the end of the month.