Week of Flirtation, Lesson II “Originality”

The second subject of the free School course is devoted to the practice of relations, in this case in the aspect of flirtation. We slightly uncover the so-called Sheo-Canon consisting of 64 competences which the School believes to be necessary for creating, developing, maintaining and renewing relations. Today we will talk about originality using materials from lesson 13 of the Sheo-Canon – “The Right Way to Get Acquainted”.

Lesson II (2.1.) Originality

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You “before” and you “in” relations - are they different people?

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Task to the video lesson

Grade your originality, uniqueness, individuality (we do know each person has got the highest grade, but grade it as if you are looking through the eyes of other people) from 1 to 10. How much of it do you show at the first meeting or date when you are flirting? How much of it do you show at home? Please, tell how much this difference influences your relations.