Training Gives Freedom

Sasha SheoAny training is a system which constrains you first but then gives freedom. Knowledge is to be hammered into one’s head, while skills are to be into one’s arms, hands and legs. That’s what relations are in principle, both personal and business ones: comfort and freedom at the cost of discomfort and dependence. Thirst for development is a bent for lack of freedom despite the fact that an educated person seems to have more freedom than a person of narrow views.


Sasha SheoOn Friday Sheo-School discussed a case: a couple had been together for almost 20 years (and even have been running a business together). Then he met another woman and even married her. The girl of course is not enjoying this situation where they continue having business with no closeness. So she wants to get him back.
The main idea was to make an unexpected trick which will allow turning the tables. She needs not to reboot relations but to build them anew with the same guy. And firstly she needs to find a young boyfriend.