To Learn the Mask of a Victim

Sasha SheoThis is a recommendation for Sheo-model Dangerous Voiceless (a girl in a long-term relationship who has been suffering for her whole life, but feels that she can’t stand it anymore).

To learn the mask of a victim in Sheo-Style:

  1. Find a full length mirror and look at yourself critically. Name no less than eight traits characterizing you as a victim (from top to bottom).
  2. Talk to people whose opinion you respect. Formulate a question this way: “What do I have from a victim? How does it show specifically?” Add the list with the information from point 1.
  3. Find at least four benefits you get from playing a role of a victim. What excuses do people make for you, what do you allow yourself not to think of, how does this role help you to manage your relationships and so on.
  4. Think about how to enhance and emphasize traits from your list (points 1 and 2) in order to get an exemplary image that could take part in a contest (if such contest for victims ever took place) and win.
  5. Try to make changes and see if you manage to get more benefits after. Make further enhancements.
  6. From now on, put the mask of a victim consciously without forgetting to smile spitefully under its secure cover.

By learning your major role, you can start learning others, the ones that you play more rarely. It is important to start and try the taste of this game.