To lower the pressure

Sasha SheoThis is a recommendation for Sheo-model Dangerous Voiceless (a girl in a long-term relationship who has been suffering for her whole life but feels that she can’t stand it anymore).

To lower the pressure in the Sheo-form you should:

  1. Start to speak louder.
  2. Speak the way that people can not only hear you, but also react to what you are saying.
  3. Say “I want” instead of “It would be nice to”,  “What if ..” etc.
  4. Try to sing loudly when you are alone with yourself.
  5. From time to time go to a place where nobody can hear you and shout with all your strength.
  6. If you can’t remember these recommendations, set an alarm to go off at least twice a day and remind you.

A valve that protects the system from emotional overpressure is an audio valve. Therefore speak louder.