To take out real desire

Sasha SheoThis is a recommendation for Sheo-model Dangerous Voiceless (a girl in a long-term relationship who has been suffering for her whole life but feels that she can’t stand it anymore).

To take out your real Sheo-Character desire:

  1. When you agree to do something at someone’s demand, learn to say to yourself: “I don’t want to do it, it’s not my choice, I agreed to do it without even thinking”.
  2. When you succeed in point 1, learn to say to yourself “I don’t want to” long before you start to do something you are asked for.
  3. When you get ahead in point 2, learn to say: “Maybe it will be better to do this way?” when asked about something and suggest your options.
  4. When you do well in point 3, learn to ask a question about the goal and question the expediency of the request – leading to a discussion of better options.
  5. When you succeed in point 4, try to tell what you really want to do when you are asked to do something.
  6. Practice points 1 and 2 as often as possible, practice point 3 and 4 no more than once a day (one time for each person), point 5 no more than twice a week.

This process is not smooth and it shouldn’t be, have the courage. In order to strengthen yourself, fantasize about the future. Not about an unrealizable ideal future, but about the one that will come when you learn to turn your desires into reality.