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Two Poles of Interest (Sheo-Variety)

Sasha Sheo
Sheo-Mo is dealing with psychological image elements (see the List) which are easy to change, just like changing clothes and even easier, clothes should first be bought, and Sheo-look is something non-material, though its effect is much stronger than those of expensive shoes or manicured nails.

The only difficulty is that one should learn how to wear Sheo-Mo elements. There should be inner permissions. For example, it is easy to understand how to shift the focus from one’s eyes to one’s lips in Sheo-makeup, but it is not that easy to make a decision to really practice it. So, what is the right way to manage the situation?

It is a very simple way. Use the magic word “season”. No changes are forever when we deal with fashion. You try something, “wear” it for some time, and then you are back to what was there before or try something else. Yesterday you entained yourself with Sheo-line, today you focus on Sheo-lingerie, and tomorrow brings a chance for Sheo-hat. Definite things become very easy when they are not for ever but for some time (or even for once).

It is like trying a dish you have never tasted before while you are on a visit. One time is easy even if you won’t like it. But who knows, you may pretty well like it.

Today we are going to talk about Sheo-variety element.


This element is connected with interests, hobbies and does not seem easy at first glance – how can one “put on” more or less interests compared to what she/he really has? Let us say I am interested in impressionism and red wine and don’t know about anything else. How can I suddenly turn out a man taking an interest in everything around? How do I find time to acquire at least general knowledge about all these things?

I shall explain you how. But first let’s agree that Sheo-variety is a pair – single-colour and multi-colour, motley. Sheo-Mo trends and vectors can go into details of these poles, saturate them with different shades, but we should learn their major difference which is connected with your habitual Sheo-variety being single-coloured (narrow range of interests) or multi-coloured (wide range of interests).

You can be a dentist and that’s all you are interested in and know about, and there is nothing else to talk with you on (single-coloured Sheo-variety); or you have changed twenty different professions and jobs with your own opinions and experience in (rich Sheo-variety).

A rave of colour may seem preferable to a single colour, but it is not true – have a look at traditional fashion. Diversity of colours is replaced with austerity and vice versa. Why? That’s because the change itself is much more important than the elements that are being interchanged.

Furthermore millions of interests produce impression of you being superficial while one object concentration leaves a feeling of profoundness. So it is important that you can “wear” both single-colour and multi-colour.

How to conquer both poles?

It is simple. You should become a person of varied attainments seasonably able to shadow the richness of your interests having left just one in focus, the one the most actual in a definite satiation.

How can one become a person of varied attainments? It is simple as well – use Contour map for this purpose.

I shall not explain what Contour Map is; if you don’t know it you should put everything aside and study it first. It is both interesting and useful, and it is the first basic model of the Sheo-school, but if you are one of our students you are impossible not to know it.

So, let’s talk further about Sheo-variety.

You should find two interests in each contour which will give you eight in total. Who two for each one? One of them will be “female”, the other one will be “male”. I remind you that “female interests” are not the same as “interests of women”, they are interests of “the female part” of a person; the same is about male ones.

Colours for interests palette

It is not a dogma, it is just an example, the first that has come to my head.

For Strength contour:

Female — cooking, raising children, family holidays
Male — bricolage of all kinds, the house and garden care

For Power contour:

Female — sheo-approach, money (planning), psychology
Male — business, politics, sales

For Mind contour:

Female: languages, design, arts and crafts (drawing, painting, knitting)
Male: creative work, science, gadgets, sports

For Passion contour:

Female: volunteer work, organizing things, fashion
Male: coaching, cultural events

Division into “male” and “female” is definitely very conditional and can be disposed of or can be viewed as a helpful general reference point.

How to make one?

Once seriously started on the palette of your interests should be formed and added continuously spending time on each of the interests in the list to study reference materials and to acquire some relevant experience. If one of the interests chosen has turned out to be not really interesting for you put it aside and take the next one.

As an example it is a great choice for the Mind contour to develop the interest in developing new interests.

How to use it?

I hope you will agree that the mind of a person interested in everything around her or him is a bit different from the mind of a person focused in a narrow area. As everything that we do not consider valuable for us seems a hindrance, irritates and induces boredom. But a single-colour Sheo-variety owner can impress with deep knowledge. So there is a stimulus to try both sides.

To put it all very simple different poles of the Sheo-variety give you an opportunity to show yourself:

  • an easy, all-round, “flittering” person;
  • a focused, serious, thorough person;

Switching within Sheo-variety is a nice way to renew a disappearing interest of your partner towards you.

For more on Sheo-Mo, see:

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#5 Fantasy and regret area (Yummy Girl)

Sasha Sheo

Sheo-variety was explained by me in a rather complicated way, so I am sure that many of you haven’t got to the finals where two poles of Sheo-variety turned out to be thoroughness and superficiality. Unfortunately it is impossible to draw a straight line parallel between superficiality “in life” and superficiality “in relations”. For example, we know girls with a very deep and diverse palette of interests who can’t make personal relations a part of this palette. And vice versa, rather superficial people often happen to be a very deep relationship.

But we can definitely say following the fathers of neurolinguistic programming that if you can’t achieve the result in a definite way, try any other way, and then another one and another one until you succeed. Try changing elements of your Sheo-look seasonally.

Or… let’s think… Suppose that superficiality in relations is caused by diversity and deepness of other interests. How can it be? The answer is simple: it is hard to take a fancy to something you spend only one eights of your time on. And vice versa: it is hard not to stick when you do not take interest in anything but your partner (even not a very suitable one).

Yummy Sheo-vector

Let’s take a Yummy as an example. She is not bored for lack of an occupation. On the contrary she has plenty of things to do: sport, dances, communication and personal trainings plus her appearance to be paid attention to through pedicure, manicure, and hair and beauty treatments. There is also a holiday to go on. She’s got a lot on her plate!

And it gets clear that being preoccupied with lots of those things men when she comes across them are taken the most important and the most pragmatic from – their penis. Everything that will require reorganizing her life completely (stable dating and a family as a perspective) goes by the wayside, to the fantasy and regret area.

It it is so (Yummies know better whether it is right or wrong) their Sheo-vector can vary between two diametrically opposite directions:

1. To narrow the focus of interests to make a man the center and priority in your actual busy schedule, not in your dreams at night.

2. To expand the range of interests to help her realize that she gets exactly what she wants from men and all the emotions about inability to get more is a kind of free life tax.

To be honest I support the second option. My experience tells me that really deep interest aimed at other person’s pleasure and development, not her own ones, does not turn out particularly strong and long-lasting with Yummies.

Sheo-Mo Vocabulary

Sasha SheoSheo-Mo (Mo is derived from “la mode” – fashion in French) is a method aimed at developing flexibility in thoughts and behavior using the principle of seasonality which allows to re-connect to the constantly changing life maintaining the ecology of relations in all its contexts. A fashionable method needs its fashionable terminology.

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