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It is a big and ambiguous question

Sasha SheoIt is a big and ambiguous question whether relations are for people or people are for relations. One of partners may say: “I am unhappy and I want to leave you for somebody else”. The other one replies: “No, you can’t. You must stay with me, as family is more important than happiness”.

Why is family more important? It is just a shell, especially if there are no children there. But it seems to be impossible to treat the question logically. Something tells me that a person can be put on one scale, and relationship values on another scale, and they will balance each other. Why so? It is because relations are a form of interaction of people, a way to exchange what they have, a way to support each other, to be together.

There is a definite pleasure

Sasha SheoThere is a definite pleasure in saying nasty and unjust things while quarreling. They are said so inspirationally that seem to be prophecies. Actually they are nourished by belief that the partner is nasty and unjust by himself. That is why (s)he is possible to behave with this way, beautifully and proudly throw into his/her face what you don’t really think of him/her. (S)he will remember those things and will suffer. But you did not really mean them, you just stroke an attitude and pontified. Next time (s)he will recoup. Those quarrels in relations follow in chains, develop like a rhizome. And you can finally find yourself living for the sake of them, they give a creative impulse. A Greek tragedy, I would say.

When stones of authority

Sasha SheoWhen stones of authority drop out of the building of relations (we push them out ourselves with quarrels and bad habits demonstrating inability to keep control over ourselves) they need to be replaced with something if want these relations to maintain. And they are replaced with duty which kills the ecology of relations, because authority is a desire, but duty is fear. So people who can’t control themselves make their partners unhappy. Love is replaced with pity, respect is replaced with fear, care is replaced with indulging weaknesses.

If a partner leaves

Sasha SheoIf a partner leaves it is better to make him/her right. It will be as if you lift him/her up a hill which (s)he will be easy to roll down from back to you. If you make him/her guilty you will find yourself up the hill, and when (s)he wants to come back to you (s)he will be faced with the choice whether to climb up the hill to you breaking his/her nails or settle down there in the valley.

It is amazing how many relations

Sasha SheoIt is amazing how many relations break apart because girls expect a kind of “chivalrous” behaviour from boys. It gets much worse when a boy tries to behave this way. As a boy behaving like a girl (sharing girls’ ideas of he-man) needs a girl behaving like a boy. But there are few such girls, so it is better in any way to pretend being a bumpkin and take a rare shower. This strategy, as harsh as it is, brings good therapeutic results: a girl’s relations will not succeed until her dreams get broken, buried and grown over with grass.

Sex can be viewed as a docking procedure

Sasha Sheo

Sex can be viewed as a docking procedure of two spacecrafts. Here they have connected with their plugs and sockets and have sent their representatives aboard to each other. It is the first-level space intimacy.

Some time is spent on studying design, interiors, working principles, getting acquainted with the alien crew, route, navigation system – oh! wow! – as well as welcome dinner served with space food eaten with space spoons.

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