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White and Black (Sheo-Blouse)

Sasha Sheo Among the Sheo-Mo elements the Blouse is a manifestation of one of the two possible answers to the question "Who do you want to be liked by?" The first answer is by girls. The second answer is by boys. It will be more correct to define the answers as representatives of your own sex or representatives of the opposite sex rather than boys and girls. The opposite sex in its turn should be understood as the group of people you prefer as sexual partners.

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Sex can be viewed as a docking procedure

Sasha Sheo

Sex can be viewed as a docking procedure of two spacecrafts. Here they have connected with their plugs and sockets and have sent their representatives aboard to each other. It is the first-level space intimacy.

Some time is spent on studying design, interiors, working principles, getting acquainted with the alien crew, route, navigation system – oh! wow! – as well as welcome dinner served with space food eaten with space spoons.

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Straight Talks About Sex (Sheo-Lingerie)

Sasha SheoLingerie is interesting. It is one of the most important elements in Sheo-Mo. Why so? Because Sheo-lingerie is a frank sex topic in conversations with a partner. What else can be more important than this? Some people think there is nothing more important. If you are not going to talk about sex why bother talking? Those who do not understand this simple truth know nothing about relationship.

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