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Sheo-Mo Vocabulary

Sasha SheoSheo-Mo (Mo is derived from “la mode” – fashion in French) is a method aimed at developing flexibility in thoughts and behavior using the principle of seasonality which allows to re-connect to the constantly changing life maintaining the ecology of relations in all its contexts. A fashionable method needs its fashionable terminology.

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Why Do You Do It Like That? (Sheo-Hat)

Sasha SheoI’ll tell you about quick changes. The idea is for changes to be as easy as to change clothes or a haircut. It is called Sheo-Mo, you know it. Some time ago I wrote about sheo-make-up – eyes and lips, it’s very simple. When you emphasize your eyes you evoke pity and wake up a parent in your partner. When you emphasize your lips you cause desire and you wake up a sexual object. It is all very simple, no psychology, even in the metaphor.

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