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10 Signs of Cool Down in Relations

Sasha SheoI have decided to write this article as, firstly, many people were and still are (and will ever be, until the end of time, unless they evolve into a different form of living matter) very inattentive to each other. Secondly, even when people notice something in each other they tend to misinterpret it.

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Rounder Square, Sharper Circle (Sheo-Shape)

Sasha SheoSheo-shape is the element that constitutes basic set of deep human values, one out of four possible, as well as the fear that largely governs it. The School disposes of detailed materials on the topic; human nature motive and value wise (“contour map”) has been repeatedly described, the main source is “How to understand” lecture.

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I would not rely on the conventional idea

Sasha SheoI would not rely on the conventional idea that someone sooner or later will choose you “against all the odds”. This idea is one of those that helps people ignoring the incentives to become better. Better in what? In simple things: beauty, health, skills, range of interests, width of views… I’d followed the idea that ecological relationships come to those who constantly self-improve.