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Damn the patience!

Sasha SheoYou shouldn’t tolerate because you become a partner in evil. The evil you participate in is always directed against you as well. Especially when it was originally meant against you.

Having tolerated once you begin getting used to it. You tolerate one stone on the road and in a year you have to go round a mountain of stones. A habit eats everything out like rust.

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10 Signs of Cool Down in Relations

Sasha SheoI have decided to write this article as, firstly, many people were and still are (and will ever be, until the end of time, unless they evolve into a different form of living matter) very inattentive to each other. Secondly, even when people notice something in each other they tend to misinterpret it.

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What Should a Man Know About Women?

Several things:

  1. She will not be satisfied

Evolutionally a woman pushes a man towards life improvement. She inspires him. Practically it means that a woman is never satisfied, like the fisherman’s wife in Brothers Grimm fairytale. She never has enough. It angers, but you will have to put up with it if you want to be in a relationship.

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