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Damn the patience!

Sasha SheoYou shouldn’t tolerate because you become a partner in evil. The evil you participate in is always directed against you as well. Especially when it was originally meant against you.

Having tolerated once you begin getting used to it. You tolerate one stone on the road and in a year you have to go round a mountain of stones. A habit eats everything out like rust.

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Do you know what emotions are?

Sasha SheoDo you know what emotions are? An example is when one person is saying: “Love each other” and others respond: “Hurray to the wise teacher! Let’s kill everybody who is not in agreement with him”. Emotions are stupid and dangerous, because they easily catch herd instinct (releasing from moral limitations). Other people emotions should be feared as well as your own ones not to find yourself in the high risk area when faceless crowd acts but certain people take responsibility.