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Eco-Thursday is the day of freedom from emotions

Sasha Sheo

Plus-integration requires considerable effort. Sometimes it seems to me a kind of a heroic conduct. After a while, there will be people from the very beginning to the very end, so to say. But we don’t know such heroes so far and we respect the very desire to go this way.

As for us, ordinary people, the School reserves one day a week to train and prepare for it. This day is Thursday. On Thursday everyone who shares the ideas of the Sheo-approach can adhere to the Eco-regime and feel belonging to the movement towards permanent and developing relationships.

On Eco-Thursday the School recommends to follow 16 simple rules:

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There is a definite pleasure

Sasha SheoThere is a definite pleasure in saying nasty and unjust things while quarreling. They are said so inspirationally that seem to be prophecies. Actually they are nourished by belief that the partner is nasty and unjust by himself. That is why (s)he is possible to behave with this way, beautifully and proudly throw into his/her face what you don’t really think of him/her. (S)he will remember those things and will suffer. But you did not really mean them, you just stroke an attitude and pontified. Next time (s)he will recoup. Those quarrels in relations follow in chains, develop like a rhizome. And you can finally find yourself living for the sake of them, they give a creative impulse. A Greek tragedy, I would say.

10 Signs of Cool Down in Relations

Sasha SheoI have decided to write this article as, firstly, many people were and still are (and will ever be, until the end of time, unless they evolve into a different form of living matter) very inattentive to each other. Secondly, even when people notice something in each other they tend to misinterpret it.

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I would not rely on the conventional idea

Sasha SheoI would not rely on the conventional idea that someone sooner or later will choose you “against all the odds”. This idea is one of those that helps people ignoring the incentives to become better. Better in what? In simple things: beauty, health, skills, range of interests, width of views… I’d followed the idea that ecological relationships come to those who constantly self-improve.