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#8 Yes, I Am Helpless (DV)

Sasha SheoWhat I like Sheo-vectors for is that they can be used not all together but each one individually. It is just like an ordinary fashion: you buy a white shirt at one place, a green jacket at another place, and pink pants at a different one. What is more, if you wear all your clothes being of the same brand, add a perfume and a watch of this very brand on top, it will look ridiculous.

Therefore you should not worry that vectors on a definite Sheo-look contradict each other, let it be, it is just the right way. You should choose changes for those elements of your image that are the most catchy or even shocking for you.

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To Make Your Body Respond

Sasha SheoDangerous Voiceless is the girl who voluntarily chose the victim role long ago, and it had been working well in relations until the inner space for emotional garbage exhausted. And the system faced the danger of either explosion or fire. So it’s time to partially get disposed of the garbage, and partially recycle it at the processing plant to be built to process the garbage into some useful resource. How do we do this?
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Like Children Do

Sasha SheoDangerous Voiceless is a classical example of a victim in relationship. She is the girl who is doing everything her partner wants and nothing of what she really wants. It is not that her partner is so unfeeling, but over the years of relationship she has taught him to neglect her. How has she managed to draw herself into the far corner so well? It is simple, she hasn’t been using her own desires for so long that they’ve stopped manifesting themselves.
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