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It is a big and ambiguous question

Sasha SheoIt is a big and ambiguous question whether relations are for people or people are for relations. One of partners may say: “I am unhappy and I want to leave you for somebody else”. The other one replies: “No, you can’t. You must stay with me, as family is more important than happiness”.

Why is family more important? It is just a shell, especially if there are no children there. But it seems to be impossible to treat the question logically. Something tells me that a person can be put on one scale, and relationship values on another scale, and they will balance each other. Why so? It is because relations are a form of interaction of people, a way to exchange what they have, a way to support each other, to be together.

Damn the patience!

Sasha SheoYou shouldn’t tolerate because you become a partner in evil. The evil you participate in is always directed against you as well. Especially when it was originally meant against you.

Having tolerated once you begin getting used to it. You tolerate one stone on the road and in a year you have to go round a mountain of stones. A habit eats everything out like rust.

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Do we really love a person

Sasha SheoDo we really love a person we make a bone with saying he is dressed not well enough, is doing wrong things, and is courting the wrong way? Oh, come on, if the feeling is really strong why not to forgive these trifles? If they are not trifles how can we feel love to the person? There is no need caving in to the world we have nothing to give to, and there is no sense in making the world you accept cave in to you.

Training Gives Freedom

Sasha SheoAny training is a system which constrains you first but then gives freedom. Knowledge is to be hammered into one’s head, while skills are to be into one’s arms, hands and legs. That’s what relations are in principle, both personal and business ones: comfort and freedom at the cost of discomfort and dependence. Thirst for development is a bent for lack of freedom despite the fact that an educated person seems to have more freedom than a person of narrow views.