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Sheo-Mo Vocabulary

Sasha SheoSheo-Mo (Mo is derived from “la mode” – fashion in French) is a method aimed at developing flexibility in thoughts and behavior using the principle of seasonality which allows to re-connect to the constantly changing life maintaining the ecology of relations in all its contexts. A fashionable method needs its fashionable terminology.

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White and Black (Sheo-Blouse)

Sasha Sheo Among the Sheo-Mo elements the Blouse is a manifestation of one of the two possible answers to the question "Who do you want to be liked by?" The first answer is by girls. The second answer is by boys. It will be more correct to define the answers as representatives of your own sex or representatives of the opposite sex rather than boys and girls. The opposite sex in its turn should be understood as the group of people you prefer as sexual partners.

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