Straight Talks About Sex (Sheo-Lingerie)

Sasha SheoLingerie is interesting. It is one of the most important elements in Sheo-Mo. Why so? Because Sheo-lingerie is a frank sex topic in conversations with a partner. What else can be more important than this? Some people think there is nothing more important. If you are not going to talk about sex why bother talking? Those who do not understand this simple truth know nothing about relationship.

But first I want to make one general statement. I have already made it couple times, but no reiteration makes no revelation.

Male and female

There is one fundamental difference between male and female. The biological one. Everyone knows about it. But a few realize it. Male is a quick demander, female is a slow one. There are no discussions about premature female orgasm. No one is interested in how to get out of relationship with a man as quick as possible.

It means a girl if she wants to begin and maintain relationship should be momentary desired. A boy should be long-term stable or at least promising in terms of stability.

So a girl should learn how to offer a boy the same as something new. A boy on the contrary should offer a girl something new the way she gets it for something familiar.

Between glance and touch

Sheo-lingerie is sex in words. It is something between the lustful glance and the touch aimed at implementing the desire.

People who do not use speech in this context are believed to wear no lingerie in Sheo-Mo. In particular situations it excites even more but bear in mind how much obstacles excite on the way to something accessible.

The first thing to understand is whether there is lingerie or not. It means you can immediately bring change into your relationship if you start accompany your sexual glances and actions with words if you have never done this before.

What if there is lingerie already? What can it be?

Lingerie plays a role

First of all, it can be conservative and puritan or revealing, provocative, defiance. Sexual verbalization can be rather prudish or quite libertine and shameless. And the question is not about choosing the one that works better but about choosing something different from what you already have.   

Secondly, Sheo-lingerie is tightly connected with roles. Use 2WM* model to enlarge your Sheo-variety. Try different roles.

“Whore” (shamelessly and busily): Do you want me to undress myself, darling? Or do you love unbuttoning and pulling off? If you tear it you will have to pay for a new one. If you want to take a smell go ahead, I’ll revert my eyes. Well? Let’s hurry up, there are plenty of people waiting for me. So what did you say your name is? Where do you want me into? For a start? As usual?

“Mistress” (playfully and flirtfully): You are devouring me with your eyes, I star swearing, shame upon you! Oh, yes, I feel it under the table. May I fist it with one hand while eating my chicken with another one, just not to let waiters guess anything? I am burning, touch it here. Don’t pull the table cloth, you will turn over champaign with the bucket, ice and lobsters. Oh, it is so firm, rough and red. This lobster. No, I can’t go down under the table. Let’s do it in toilet. Can’t you wait till we come home?

“Wife” (gently, in a family manner): Is it you, darling? Can’t see who is approaching me in the darkness. Sorry, I am joking, I am still sleepy, I had been waiting for you for long that finally fell asleep. Where have you been, naughty boy? Oh, please, don’t tell me about meetings, tell me another. Were you running rounds with your secretary?  Don’t say “no”, you are being boring. But keep quiet, my mom is sleeping next room. We’ve been discussing your behavior the whole evening. So? Have you got round her? Don’t you dare, or I will get a naughty girl. Are these your hands over there? What is this? Again? Oh, no, mom is sleeping next room, I tell you. Okay, fall in beside. But let’s not pretend I am already excited, let’s first rub against the pussy and start half steam. Okay? Go easy, I tell you! Oh, dear!

“Mother” (bossy): Don’t make noise, I am watching TV! Can’t you take off the coat without dropping the hall tree? No smooching, you are cold, get warm first. Bring me some tea from the kitchen, please. Don’t hang around; I will miss the most interesting moment. Okay, seat next to me. No, not on the sofa, I feel my legs heavy, sit on the carpet. Give me your hand. It’s cold! Couldn’t you wash it with hot water? Okay, hold it here and don’t interfere with me, I want to finish watching. Don’t get bored, do something, kiss me over here. Be tender! More brutal now. Higher. Higher again. Don’t uncover me, it’s cold. Be careful. Stronger, stronger with your tongue. No, stop it by now, let me finish watching, it draws me away. 

Thirdly, roles being a kind of basement attach other elements. For example, Sheo-lingerie can be old or new, expensive or cheap, lacy or plain, provocative and sporty, etc.

Fourthly, Sheo-lingerie can be conspicuous and even publicly displayed (when people tell about their sexual life publicly) or absolutely private.


The practice, like any other practice within Sheo-Mo, is simple. Take the conversations that go together with flirt or sex and make your own profile on the elements listed above.

For example:

I have bright lacy lingerie (I talk about sex when I get acquainted and when I make love), not a brand new one (I tell the same to every partner), rather expensive (pervasive fantasy works well), sexy (I talk about sex not for sake of talking), partly conspicuous (I can publicly tell a story on the verge). I prefer 2W* Mistress role.

When the profile is defined changes can be introduced (Sheo-lingerie can be changed). First you make fitting (the recommendation is to try on something opposite to what is now), then you make choice. Don’t change everything at once, take element by element and proceed until you get a result. Get advice from consultants if it is needed.

* 2WM = WMWM (Whore, Mistress, Wife, Mother) is the Sheo-model describing four basic female roles in relationship.