Sometimes it is not

Sasha Sheo

Sometimes it is not really clear what is going on in relations: (s)he loves or does not love, has left or is back, we are dating, living together, have split up, new life, old life… there is no making head or tail of it. And the situation gets hanging on a more anxious partner who urgently wants (and demands it from the other partner) to make some type of “decision” – What have you decided? But it is a lesson of relaxation. The who is anxious should learn to wait.

The other partner seems to be able to wait forever. Nothing is happening – well, ok, the situation will resolve itself. And this is, on the contrary, a lesson that sometimes a person should move his or her ass. Relationship is education. The right thing to do is to do something you haven’t used to. A partner should be used as a model of the person who this behaviour is natural for. We usually act the other way round, we try to rebuild him or her to suit us.