Sasha SheoI’ll tell you about Sheo-Mo. It’s a brand new approach to changes based on the idea that changing deeply and for long is not as important and promising as is believed.

To put it simple, a potato is trying to change into a tomato to get to gazpacho, but it hasn’t even turned red when gazpacho is already out of fashion shadowed by avocado salad, so tomato is not in demand.

So, even if we don’t consider the possibility of change as such (how many people who can provide the result of their self-improve efforts, not the efforts themselves you know?), its benefit isn’t at all evident.


Let’s think of it another way, not as of “has become” but as of “is becoming” which means changing for some time and for some task like we change our look with different clothes, hairstyle, accessories, and as a result our image changes. Appearances do influence us (a girl dressed for office and a girl dressed for a wedding are a bit different girls), but essence remains the same.


Imagine a big store where different collections are displayed. They are split by relationship levels (creation, development, maintenance, renewal) firstly and secondly by personalities of those involved into relationship.

Yummy Girl is not able to relationship, partly because she loves sex for the sake of sex, so she can’t concentrate on one partner.

Dotty has problem to start but for a different reason: she has already had relations and her experience doesn’t allow her hopes come true.

Kept Beauty is easy to start relationship but is not able to promote it to “serious” one as she wants to have an input of the wife for the output of the lover.

Sister of Mercy, on the opposite, demonstrates output of the wife without having firm grounds as a lover which hinders the development of relationship.

Dangerous Voiceless seems to be the best ever wife: she gives her all and demands nothing in return, as a result relations turn dangerously explosive.

Et cetera.


Choose collection (Sheo-look) for the model that feels close to you. Each collection is made of 16 elements each of which can be picked out and “worn” separately, until fashion changes.

These are very simple techniques aimed at short-term and quick changes of the image to produce desired results and to entertain since based on game approach.