To Sharpen or Soften a Look (Sheo-Top)

Sasha SheoWe know that among the Sheo-elements there is a Sheo-blouse, it reflects person’s ideas of a preferred reference group: “boys” or “girls”. But regardless of this focus one can wear clothes of her or his own sex or of the opposite one. These nuances are included into the scope of the “Sheo-top” element.

Sheo-look can be viewed directly, not metaphorically, but it is better to remember that Sheo-Mo primarily deals with behavior – incentives, reactions, external manifestations of internal processes – thoughts, emotions, and feelings. That is why we can’t definitely say that if a girl is wearing a man’s jacket it is a manifestation of the male set, while if she is wearing a dress it is a manifestation of the female set. Life is tricky: a girl can wear a dress to emphasize her male constituent, and glue mustache to highlight her female one. Don’t simplify things, be attentive to yourself and people around.

So, Sheo-top can be “male” and “female”.

The original choice will be determined by many components: upbringing (parents wanted to have a girl or a boy), appearance (stronger/weaker than peers), sexual preferences (own sex or the opposite one), etc. And a person who is later characterized as “she is feminine” or “she is mannish” is gradually formed.

Mannish women” are blunt and brusque, they are not inclined to talk about feelings which try to suppress, they feel such attributes as a bra, menstruation, manicure as a burden, and so on alone the line. Sometimes the male constituent is so strongly expressed in a biological woman that it gets evident through her body structure – broad shoulders, narrow hips, fat is deposited on the sides.

Femininity” manifests itself through smoothness, softness, compliance, external obedience, aspiration to take over with a cunning, high environmental adaptation to ensure survival, constant readiness for communication, strong habit for everyday chores, maintenance of kinship relations, etc. Besides plastic, gestures, voice femininity can manifest itself in the body structure through breast and hips. Girls often try to emphasize femininity with long and curly hair, but it rather shows the need to demonstrate feminine features than their actual presence.

How to work with it

Work with Sheo-top is carried out in two stages. First it should be understood in detail what you deal with inside yourself. Then changes are introduced. Whether they will be deep or superficial changes will depend on what you have realized at the first stage.

Adjustments should be made in combination with other elements, the Sheo-line and Sheo-blouse in particular. It will bring the whole landscape of different combinations each with its own nuances that will greatly influence the Sheo-look in its entirety.

That is why I would recommend deciding in general first, what you want to sharpen or to soften, on the opposite, for a definite result to be achieved, and then start changing one element by one.


Let’s take Malvina to work with. She has a flexible and hard line, white Sheo-blouse and female Sheo-top. She is very feminine and very attractive in her femininity but she perhaps lacks some salt. Let’s try to add a bit of piquancy through the Sheo-top.

How can it be done? I think that plastic or voice is a too strong adjustment for the beginning of the work; that is why I would rather take a voice and ask to learn looking at a companion closely but serenely at the same time for two-three seconds. When you’ve learned to do it practice looking at a man as long as to make him shiver. It is an active action, but a passive one can also be added – for example, when a companion is enthusiastically talking about something you can lose interest all of a sudden and ask an extraneous question switching the conversation to something different. When after practicing you succeed doing it add some new traits. And thus a drop of male will get dissolved and will change the tone of a generally female look.