Sex can be viewed as a docking procedure

Sasha Sheo

Sex can be viewed as a docking procedure of two spacecrafts. Here they have connected with their plugs and sockets and have sent their representatives aboard to each other. It is the first-level space intimacy.

Some time is spent on studying design, interiors, working principles, getting acquainted with the alien crew, route, navigation system – oh! wow! – as well as welcome dinner served with space food eaten with space spoons.

Depending on many reasons this process can go fast or slow, but it finishes rather soon anyway. The reason for this is that the question arises: what can we help each other with? It is interesting, it has happened, but what is the use of it?

If the use is found the second-level space intimacy appears, not a simple exchange of fire and smoke accompanying docking and undocking, but exchange of resources valuable for each part. It is the principle of intergalactic communication: to take something you should leave something.

There is an irresistable temptation to imagine the situation when one of the spacecrafts is unfriedly, very powerful and very cunning, it docked, took everything valuable, unclipped and disappeared; or has started using the spacecraft as an additional source of power.

Oh, anything can happen in the open space! That is why you’d better take no risk with a stupid pilot at the steering wheel and non-professional crew aboard, but rather study at a pilots school before you start surfing intergalactic space.