Rounder Square, Sharper Circle (Sheo-Shape)

Sasha SheoSheo-shape is the element that constitutes basic set of deep human values, one out of four possible, as well as the fear that largely governs it. The School disposes of detailed materials on the topic; human nature motive and value wise (“contour map”) has been repeatedly described, the main source is “How to understand” lecture.

The Sheo-Mo approach provides you with so to say distillation of this knowledge reducing the whole bulk of information to four simple shapes.   


The set of values protecting the idea of stability (is based on pain/death fear). These are so called family values or housewife values. A square-shaped person is unconsciously motivated by strengthening and expanding family ties no matter what he or she is doing, as the family gives him or her immortality. A mushroom dies, mycelium lives.  


The set of values protecting the idea of dynamics (is based on humiliation/slavery fear). These are, so to say, businessman values. A triangle-shaped person is motivated by an opportunity to expand his or her influence violation other people’s borders in the widest sense. His o her unconscious feeling is that the more property he or she has the more freedom and enemy attack security he or she gets. 


The set of values promoting the idea of perfection (is based on stupidity/madness fear). These are values of a master, specialist, artist. A circle-shaped person no matter what he or she is doing is concentrated on the idea of self and world perfectioning. Everything must be right, the more logics the better.

Rhombus (Square-on-Point)

The set of values expressing the idea of universal interconnection between everything in the world with culture, spirituality and beauty as attributes of this connection (is based on loneliness/rejection fear). A rhombus-shaped person is motivated by an opportunity to expand and strengthen relations with plenty of other people and seeks to produce the best possible impression in this connection.  

Change of Sheo-shape

The game of Sheo-shape replacement leads to major change in one’s image, as the basic fears are the most deep human constituents. The School does not think that this basement can be somehow changed, but I am sure that playing the game of change, trying on different value systems will bear fruit.  

How to deal with Sheo-shape

First of all, you should evaluate yourself. Definitely all the fears and plenty of corresponding values are mixed up in a person but primary can be easily separated from secondary.

The “How to understand” lecture will be helpful in this connection, as well as all the accompanying articles, read them and then look at your life, at what surrounds you daily, at what you spend most of time on, and say what you are really interested in. Nest? Business? Self-development? Self-positioning? And you will understand that there has always been one.

Change the form afterwards. If you’ve got a square, make it square-on-point, go out of shadow and think like a person who not only seeks to be adored but who also reflects on how to achieve it on a daily basis. If you’ve got a triangle try to build up the fourth angle and feel how nice it is to be occupied with housekeeping and raising children, to wait for somebody to come back home from work, somebody who takes care of you, etc.

Realizing your fears, values and motives is a great thing. Firstly, it brings understanding what type of person you appear in front of others. Secondly, it gives you an opportunity to enrich your image with resources previously inaccessible (people turn out not to be the same!). Thirdly, you can now look at your own life from the outside (risky, down to earth, etc). Fourthly, meaning of hundreds meaningless things in your life reveals through the sheo-shape prism; some things (burdensome or funny, for example) can now be revised.