People lose the senses

Sasha Sheo
People lose the senses of proportion and limit in two cases: when everything is allowed and when everything is banned. In the first case a person goes too far, in the second one – his wits end.

Very often it is a mirror pattern: one partner goes mad of impunity, the other one is exhausted with bans – wherever you go you bump into a fence. A girl is tortured by the question: “Why is he allowed everything and why am I allowed nothing?” But she can’t jump over the fence. She is even afraid to approach it.

But once it turns topsy-turvy. All the fences are washed away, everything goes down the drain, revolutions begin and the former relationship bones are being danced on. The one with the rights is ready to drop all these rights if only he can return the former mouse, so speechless and so comfortable. But it is already too late.

Why? Why has it happened so? The mouse has won a mandate for destroying old and reforming life. The mandate is called “Love”. Love is the highest permission. It gives freedom to a slave. Even if not freedom, then St. George’s’day – the opportunity to choose a new lord.

But it was possible not to take the things to the edge if one of the partners hadn’t been blowing hot air so much, and the other one hadn’t been so patient. But for some reason nobody understands it. In any relations – either personal, or business or public ones.