Ordering or Obeying? (Sheo-Bottom)

Sasha SheoLet’s talk about an important and curious part of Sheo-mo elements connected with choosing a partner and interacting with him. Here we talk about separation of powers, who orders and who obeys. The element is called “Sheo-bottom” which emphasizes its sexual (from the waist down) nature.

It is a deep personal preference. Flexibility and softness (Sheo-line), stubbornness and pliability (Sheo-character), sexuality (Sheo-blouse), male and female (Sheo-top) can manifest themselves in both dominating and submissive vectors.

People often mix up a nasty disposition with the will to power, but even having a mild character you can make people around listen to you.

You can also give tough orders to pull your leash.

So with the help of Sheo-bottom we declare our wish to dominate or obey to our partner. We can definitely make a choice to keep to a “zero” actually declaring our preference of sexual equality. Hypothetically both positions can be demonstrated alternately to emphasize diversity of your tastes.


How does Sheo-bottom manifest itself? I would like to think that it happens though some type of fluids of pleasure one gets when she or he makes decisions for someone or takes someone’s decision without objections. It can be recognized by slightly accentuated features of behavior and voice – one can demonstrate excessive “hardness” (as if not taking a partner’s opinion into account), another one can underline his or her “softness” (as if being happily excited he or she is not being taken into account). Experienced people easily spot these things about each other and immediately start the game.


To strength this Sheo-mo element in the dominant vector you should behave “master-like” pretending (for yourself to believe) that a partner physically and emotionally belongs to you. This feeling will create the right tone and manner. To strengthen this element in the submissive vector you should feel yourself “a thing”. And the voice will automatically become muffled, gestures will become restrained, eyes will cast down, consent thrill will arise inside.


You should check (if you still haven’t) your inclination to such games because a very strong connection in relations is created due to developed Sheo-bottom, but only if you are inclined to. If you are not this element will leave you indifferent unless you set a desperate goal to manipulate toughly employing the deepest motives, which I strongly advice not to, because there is always one difficulty with deep motives, you never know where they will bring you to.