A Girl’s Tower

Once upon a time there lived a girl with two girls inside.

When one of them said “I want”, the other one replied “You mustn’t”, and when the latter said “You must” the first one replied with “I don’t really want to”.

The girl quarreled with both of them but could do nothing about it, as they listened neither to each other nor to the girl, their master.

That is why the girl was neither good, nor bad, could do neither right things nor wrong.

She did not even know whether she was hardworking or lazy and who she generally was – a bitch or a grey mouse.

She was known to be unstable and inconsistent, the one who did not know what she really wanted. But the girl did know what she wanted – she wanted it all to be over.

And like any girl she believed that a boy was the solution. The boy who would come and would make her – through his love and by the strong hand – follow her wishes.)

(To be more precise he would make her follow his wishes but for some reason they would turn out hers as well, after all this is what true love is.)

And the boy came one day. He was so strong and beautiful that all his “wants” became the girl’s “musts”, and there left no wishes of her own.

She eagerly obeyed the boy as he relieved her of personal contradictions this way.

For many years of family life day after day the girl put one “must” onto another until a huge tower grew.

From the top of the tower that girl saw that she did not need anything anymore though there had appeared an enormous genuine “I want”.

She wanted to jump down from the bloody tower of her hateful family life.

And she figuratively did and lived happily ever after.

So the boy unknowingly acted as an older generation psychotherapist who is very slow and very reliable in what he does.