Many of us have the feeling

Sasha Sheo Many of us have the feeling of possibility of a more real, more unique, more decent existence than the one we lead. It is like a familiar voice that you hear from among a huge crowd, like a vague face that you hardly notice in the endless lines of people. And it seems to us that if we become this voice or this face everything will be different for ever – we will know what we “really” should do in our life, who we should love, how we should make choices, etc. Weak attempts to follow this feeling, to catch this image are called the way to oneself – to know who you are without frames, borders, scenarios. Isn’t it a dream?

But the dream remains a dream, because deep inside, somewhere deeper than where this dream is, we guess that it will be a different and much more difficult life. Something real is always very harsh. It is always tough.