Long and Curly (Sheo-Haircut)

Sasha SheoI am going to tell you about what Sheo-haircut is in Sheo-Mo. To put it briefly it is something between Sheo-hat and Sheo-makeup. As you remember the hat is how we explain our actions to the partner, and makeup is the main instrument to attract attention. If you haven’t read about them, please, follow the links and do read.

Sheo-haircut reflects rules of our interaction with the world: our expectations, new incentives perception, ways we process information, etc.

So hair length shows desperateness of hopes. Sometimes hair is naturally long, sometimes it is artificially lengthened. Just like hopes with the only difference: we know about foreign hair at our head, but we don’t realize foreign hopes in our mind.

Curls witness of variety of fantasies. Again hair can be naturally curly or artificially curled.

Hair thickness express closeness of interaction with the world, rootedness, number of connections. Thickness of a hair stands for rudeness or tenderness in perception.

Colour is direction a person looks into the world (blondeness) or inwards (brunetness). Red hair colour can be interpreted as perpendicularity of perception, grey or ashy – as its depth.

But it’s about hair, not a haircut. Three things are important about the haircut, and here they are.

  1. Open/forelock forehead symbolizing openness or closedness of thoughts. Open forehead shows directness, intention to speak out. Forelock forehead, on the contrary, evidences of no desire to share one’s thoughts.
  2. Open/covered ears are Sheo-haircut symbols of readiness (or reluctance) to listen to others, to establish feedback.
  3. Symmetry/asymmetry represents one’s self-positioning as that of a “simple” or “complicated” person.
Your Sheo-haircut can be absolutely different from what you really have as a haircut. But it does not matter for Sheo-Mo process. How do we work with this element? We do it the following way.

See oneself in a mirror

Suppose you are a romantic creature and before falling asleep you dream of a prince. So your Sheo-hair is long and curly. Okay.

Suppose you look at people with your eyes widely open, you easily share your hopes with no fear to be laughed at. It means your Sheo-hair is blonde, abundant and thick.

Suppose you also find it right to tell you partner everything you think about yourself, about him or her, of relations. In great detail. So your Sheo-haircut leaves your forehead open you’re your hair symmetric.

Suppose you often get reproached by your partner of being indifferent to his or her needs, of being totally self-focused. It means your Sheo-haircut covers your ears.

What should be changed and how it should be changed

It is difficult to change inborn hair properties, though haircut can be changed. You can style the forelock so that it covers your forehead, it means to keep your mouth close. You can even have your forelock covering your eyes and so you emphasize the lips (do you remember about sheo-make-up?). And you will keep silent sensually, carnally, being as close as to feel heat and smell. It is a simple change but it can turn out very noticeable and significant.

You can also open your ears, and it will not only mean “to know and to see”, but it will mean asking questions, having feedback. (You already ask questions but they are ruled not by desire for exploration, but by will for control.) Your hehavior and consequently you relations will change when you listen and understand more. And it is easy as well.

Sheo-Mo is simple seasonal changes that develop taste and flexibility. Study them. Follow them.