Is it an amazing

Sasha SheoIs it an amazing human feature to avoid by any means doing what people want to do in relations. If you ask a person “Why? What stops you from doing it?” it will turn out that nothing really. In 99 cases out of 100 implementation of “I want” would not have any medical, legal, financial or moral and ethical consequences. We sweat trivia: “Why me?”, “That’s not done”, “What (s)he will think about me?” – actually we cannot get past the question whether it will get worse after this action than it is now. But what can be worse? Even if gets worse, so what? Will your self-esteem drop below the ground level? Well, then dig it into the ground, right now, and forget about it. You are sure you love, make this sacrifice in the name of love. Love on your own terms is boredom and tediousness. True, living, brutal feeling should be every day fed with your own bowels instead of trying to maintain dignity no matter what.