Sasha SheoThis element is one of the most clear in Sheo-mo. The bag is luggage, something brought with you; there can be plenty of or little luggage. It is about our past which definitely determines our future, especially when there is a lot of past. But it is not about this because there is always a lot of past. It is about the significance attached to the past.

So, a big and heavy Sheo-bag is the past that can easily suppress the future – the acquired experience which will be the assessment criterion for everything new. It does not matter whether this experience is “good” or “bad”, but it matters that it turns out to be a priority at any comparison.

A small bad, a clutch is when the past is attached minimal significance to. Well, past is past, something new is coming; it is much more valuable just because it is new. A compact bag manifests curiosity, experiment, and readiness to jump into water for fresh impressions.

What is better, what is worse?

Flexibility is definitely better – the ability to take into account past experience and update it taking into account new life events, the ability to demonstrate accentuated conservatism and absolute craziness, as well as judicious prudence sometimes. A relationship is development of flexibility. The more flexibility – the more relations.

I should say the Sheo-bag is not what is put on table at the first meeting. It is not easy to understand that your partner meticulously compares you with what has already been putting “plus” and “minus” marks. But this can be understood by circumstantial evidence, for example, preference of familiar places and dishes, definite conversation subjects, trustless attitude to everything new. It may seem to be a manifestation of power, but can pretty turn out a discomfort which novelty causes in him, and nothing more. Another person may feel the same type of discomfort with familiar things (but it is much less likely to come across).

How to use it

Firstly, follow vectors of Sheo-models suitable for you. Secondly, make sure your bag is not empty but compact: don’t insist on something familiar, but at the same time don’t show compulsive adherence to the newness for the sake of newness – it is a general recommendation.

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