How not to frighten a man away

PolinaLet’s discuss an important issue on how not to frighten a man away at the very beginning, how to keep communication easy and how to maintain his interest.

Here are several recommendations for you:

1. Keep balance

It is important to keep balance in simple things: approximately the same amount of text in messages, their frequency, your phone calls, invitations, the same greetings.

Keep to the same rhyme.

If you are addressed to with one line of text, let your answer be of the same length. If you have been called, next time call first. If you have been wished good morning it is your turn to do the same now.

Let it be correspondence on equal. Let’s keep the balance of interest.

It will also let you understand whether it is comfortable for you to match him; he will not change and if it is for long you will have to match him further.

2. Live fervently

Answer all specific questions like where you work, where you studied, what you did, where you are going like in the pin-up pictures: fairily. Not all of them, of course, but try to enlarge the amount of beauty and pleasure you live in. Gruff men will appreciate it, they are tired of reality.

Cleaning house = making home beautiful
Being a top manager = watching trains to come and leave on time
Cooking dinner = concocting in the kitchen

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