Games With Fringe (Sheo-Accessories)

Sasha SheoAccessories are the sixteenth element of Sheo-Mo. Properly speaking, the number of elements is not limited, you can think of your own or, on the contrary, use just couple of them out of this basic set. Besides having acquainted yourself with detailed descriptions of the first Sheo-looks you will notice that it is not the first set, some elements differ. It fully corresponds to the approach allowing to change anything for developing flexibility which is the only thing allowing to keep relations.

What are accessories generally? Their nature is ambiguous. On the one hand, these are trinkets which aim is to entertain and detract from “serious” things. On the other hand, these trinkets emphasize beauty, add some expression to it, and create a frame for the gem of your uniqueness. So, it depends on the point of view.

It is definitely better to look from both sides at the same time, into the area where this ambiguity starts and finishes, as it is most interesting. The sweet pain of “elusive beauty”, of turning sense into nonsense and vice versa. Try to have a look at jewelry keeping in mind two definitions simultaneously: “It is everything” (as form defines content) and “It is nothing” (as if form has nothing to define it has no sense), and you will probably keenly feel that accessories are extremely, overwhelmingly important, and at the same time it is not at all important whether there are accessories or not.

One can spend the whole day thinking whether to wear a bracelet or not, as its presence gives exactly the same as its absence, that is nothing at all.

Try to understand that it is the sixteenth element, my sixteenth article. It is a result for me, that is why I sound a bit pathetic. You may read it not the sixteenth one, and you don’t care. If even so just realize that the form of this article fits to its content – jewelry is exactly like this. If we understand what beauty is we can’t help decorating ourselves. If we understand what meaning is we can’t help emphasizing it. From this point of view it is pride to do without jewelry.

Let’s add SHEO

We have talked about jewelry as it is. But what are Sheo-accessories?

It is willingness (or unwillingness) to actively build up oneself through the context. It is a kind of predisposition (or the lack of it) to small games. Have you ever seen a kitten? Adult cats also behave this way sometimes – they keep sitting still, get bored and start playing with fringe, a piece of paper, own tail. These are not interests and hobbies, it is just an ability (or inability) to look at a finger and burst out laughing.

The more reasons a person finds to get digressed from “the main thing” and childishly wonder the world the more Sheo-accessories he or she has. The more concentrated a person is the less he is inclined to blur his main focus on trifles, the less Sheo-accessories he or she has.

It is useful

It is useful to remember that a sharp switch creates the effect of template breakage. When a serious person bursts out with a contagious laughter all of a sudden (this technique is often used in cinema, Oleg Borisov was the best with it) and then suddenly gets serious again, interlocutors usually do not know how to react to it and naturally fall into trance. It is called “minimal unpredictability” and it helps those who know you able for it stay in shape.

Generally light playfulness (a small, but articulated set of Sheo-accessories) is preferable to dull stiffness which desperately tends to stick to one line, and it is terrible boredom. But boredom is contraindicated to relations.

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