Emotional Orgasm

Sasha SheoTwo things seem very strange to me: control over emotions and orgasm with no direct stimulation. In my nervous system they both are in the file labeled “I would have never believed it if I had not experienced it myself”.

If you do not have your own experience of these two things you will find it difficult to understand without my explanation why I have taken both of them together. Even if have this experience interconnection of these two phenomena may not be very evident. Thought there is one.

Emotional blow

As sure as sure can be each of us experienced an emotional blow – a powerful, instantaneous and unwanted change of the world picture which feels like a physical shock with your breath being taken away, your legs going week, your attention focus narrowing to an almost tiny point and the world around going to pieces.

People call it pain, but I had used to think about it as of a metaphor until I felt a real pain in my chest when I accidentally saw the girl I thought of as “my girl” easily left with another guy. It made me understand that that this type of pain can be felt physically. In some cases an emotional blow can even cause death, I think.

I am pretty sure everyone who had experienced this dreamt of it to never happen to her or him again. But it happens again – each time you get attached to someone. Some people are so unable to take a blow that they firmly decide to never attach themselves to anyone. Moreover if this decision is made congruently, at the conscious and unconscious level, it can become a program turning a person into a Snow Queen or Kai with a frozen heart. They’d rather suffer, really!

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