Eco-Thursday is the day of freedom from emotions

Sasha Sheo

Plus-integration requires considerable effort. Sometimes it seems to me a kind of a heroic conduct. After a while, there will be people from the very beginning to the very end, so to say. But we don’t know such heroes so far and we respect the very desire to go this way.

As for us, ordinary people, the School reserves one day a week to train and prepare for it. This day is Thursday. On Thursday everyone who shares the ideas of the Sheo-approach can adhere to the Eco-regime and feel belonging to the movement towards permanent and developing relationships.

On Eco-Thursday the School recommends to follow 16 simple rules:

1. Set up a contact with yourbody

Meditation, self-hypnosis session or a group trance are suitable for it. It’s important to communicate with your body directly and make sure there is a reliable connection between it and you. On this day it’s also recommended to do physical exercises, minimize tobacco, alcohol, as well as fatty, fried and sweet food consumption. Don’t get up too early, don’t go to bed too late.

The preferred time: morning.

2. Have a good meal

Cook something for yourself, spare no time, effort and money, or take yourself to a restaurant. Select something tasty and at the same time healthy. Make sure the place is comfortable and nice and a person or people that you really like are by your side.

The preferred time: day or night.

3. Don’t complain, caution others against complaints

Don’t tell your friends, relatives, casual acquaintances and even yourself (in a diary, for example) what you’re concerned about. Don’t seek to evoke pity and sympathy in people you don’t pay for the appropriate assistance. And don’t become the object of such a discharge of emotions as well.

The preferred time: all the time.

4. Don’t be aggrieved or reproachful

Don’t accuse anyone of anything, don’t huff, revile or quarrel. If you are annoied then do it in silence without showing. If emotions (including their derivatives – impatience and haste) come, think of the other person as a mirror, and of yourself as a window. If emotions are still having the upper hand over you, sincerely apologize. If possible, present something to a person who you feel angry with.

The preferred time: eco-Thursday.

5. Give attention to those who love you

Do a kindness for a person who you think treats you better than you treat him/her. Perhaps it is one of your parents or relatives who you communicate little and rarely with, or a person who did good to you while you had nothing to say to him/her. Maybe it’s just your lender or someone that love you one-sidely. Think of this person or people, call them or send a message.

The preferred time: any time.

6. Refrain from showing emotions

From any emotions, both positive and negative. In particular, you should refrain from behavior that may cause emotions: for example, memories of past relationships ended not in the best possible way. This also applies to social network pages of exes.

The preferred time: all the time.

7. Get rid of an unnecessary and ugly thing

Find one or more things that it’s time to throw away, but it was a pity to throw it away or you had no time. Select things matching two criteria: “ugly” (not pleasing the eye) and “unnecessary” (have not been used for a long time). And throw them down a sewer. Or give them to someone, if you think the thing is worthwhile.

The preferred time: any time.

8. Use the style of “plus” in the Power Contour

Hints of black (fabric, leather), white (steel, silver), aggression (predominance of hard lines), valuable (brands). However, try to avoid monotony (only black, white or blue), skin-tight clothing, and superfluity and deliberateness of the look.

The preferred time: when going out.

9. Agree

Upon listening to the opinion of others, don’t argue, don’t specify, don’t adjust, don’t ask questions, don’t laugh at them – just accept them, keeping in mind that taking someone else’s opinion increases the value of the one who has expressed such an opinion, and thereby you increase your own value as well.

The preferred time: any time.

10. Obey and ask

When getting a request or advice not conflicting with your internal and external ecology and not requiring excessive costs, do it. If you want someone to do something for you (personally), just ask. And if you are refused, don’t insist, don’t ask the reasons for it, accept it as it is.

The preferred time: any time.

11. Raise other people’s sense of self-worth

You should not only passively agree, but also actively hand it to someone. Choose a person you know whose sense of self-worth is necessary to be raised, in your opinion. Find something in him/her that your Power Contour could envy. And tell him/her about it so that (s)he could feel him/herself more valuable.

The preferred time: any time.

12. Practice communication

Learn some of the communicative techniques that you know: rapport, calibration, metamodel, heterosuggestions, etc.. In order not to make others feel as experimentals, make them aware of your exercising in professional communication.

The preferred time: during the day.

13. Think about the meaning of life

Ask yourself seriously: “What do I live for? What is my mission?” If you already know the answer, check out whether anything has changed recently. If your mission is not yet known to you, gently ask yourself what you would like to do for your whole life, what kind of idea or product you will leave behind. Think about people you like and what they want, what you could give them?

The preferred time: in the middle of the day or during a rest in the afternoon.

14. Visit a cultural event or plan to do it

Go to a museum or listen to good music on YouTube, buy theater tickets, read a few pages of classics, learn a poem by a great poet – just don’t overdo it if you don’t have such a habit.

The preferred time: in the morning or at night before going to bed.

15. Express admiration to someone

Say or write to a person you really admire about it. Spread your Passion Contour. Perhaps it is a person or people who have changed your life, and they don’t know about it. Or they know it, but insufficiently. Give them as much gratitude as you can.

The preferred time: during the day.

16. Meet with likeminded people

Finish your day with meeting with those who share the ideas of ecology in relations. Find a person organizing such meetings in your city or organize them yourself. To get started simply advertise the name of a place that you find suitable on your social media page. At the meeting, follow the above rules, get acquainted, and discuss this approach, communicative practices and cultural activities you have participated in.

The preferred time: evening.