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The “truth”

Sasha Sheo The “truth” people tell to each other is not openness and sincerity. It is a picture of their own right mental map with the words scratched across it: “I want this huge, volume, common world comply with my small, private views”. The fact that in response people are asked to piss off has a deep meaning: don’t try to improve anybody until you are asked to. Not to be mistaken (as sometimes it seems a person is yelling for help) agree the price. Bluntly, isn’t it?

I want to think that sex

Sasha Sheo I want to think that sex is a powerful evidence of human need for inner integration of the male and female essence, that it is the way to achieve entirety, integrity. Consequently, resources people exchange while making sex are of high value. That’s where this fervent desire to take and belong come from. And that’s why sex is fully impregnated with power, that’s why power is so sexy.


Sasha Sheo Businesswomen who try to build relations actively and sometimes even violently (but unsuccessfully) can’t understand that relations are not business – the less you raise the price and the less you negotiate it the more you finally get. It is a battle where opponents enter the arena, throw their armors down and hug each other, crying with unbearable weakness of happiness.

Some people in their innocence

Sasha Sheo Some people in their innocence think that they should rush into relations as soon as possible because life is easier together. “I’m tired being alone”, they say. Generally it is a strange idea, because it assumes that life is even more easier when there are three of you, and it is very easy if you are four together. But no, it is not. Because come together in couples, because for contemporary brain it is the limit load, it will not bear more. That’s why a lonely person is often looked at his or her eyes tenderly and said “You are not yet ready”.

In relations people often

Sasha Sheo In relations people often behave stupidly – they play the ape, they screw your brains out, they demand for the Moon from the sky, deceive and devalue each other, become unfaithful, drink alcohol, parade, put ultimatums, fight for independence, give publicity to intimate things – and then sinking in a lonely stream of sobs they beg to bring everything back – “It was just a check, just to see whether (s)he loves or not. Didn’t you understand it?”