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Before making emotional statements

Sasha Sheo Before making emotional statements ask yourself what information sources you have, whose worldview you think so competent that you have taken it for granted and are spreading around. What could you really vouch for and on what grounds? Even if it is a personal experience is it possible to say with confidence that this experience under different circumstances and with other people wouldn’t bring a different result? We live in the world of probabilities, not firm facts. Maybe.

It is so fascinating

Sasha Sheo It is so fascinating thinking sometimes that life could have been turned out quite differently, could have led to a broader corridor, a higher floor, a better society, etc. if just one small things had happened differently – a wrong number dialed, a wrong station got off, an inadvertent gaze taken and so on.

I don’t know how can one believe

Sasha Sheo I don’t know how can one believe that a person is serious about building a seriогs relationship if he is treating himself so unseriously that is not able to write without mistakes.

I’ll comment on two objections in advance.
1. Many men of genius were illiterate.
Comment. Are you genius?
2. There are people who are medically unable to learn to write without mistakes.
Comment. Are you the one? Do you have a medical certificate?
3. Illiteracy does not mean lack of serious attitude towards oneself.
Comment. Yes, it does.

When you bet money

Sasha Sheo When you bet money as the last resort (expecting it to compensate for all life failures) money will add to the list of disappointments even when you finally get it. The same is with relations and plenty of other things, as hopes do not work, the thing that really works is fear, but it should first be curbed and harness.

When someone was fighting

Sasha Sheo When someone was fighting and won it is called strength. When someone was fighting and lost it is called weakness. But both are believe to be a norm for some unknown reason, because if someone deliberately surrended, refused to fight, decided not to languish in the queue and not to adopt an I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude it is called a perversion. I often see people fighting without any wish to do it but out of the wish not to be different from others. To forget it and enjoy life one should have a very advanced mind or should be extraordinary lazy.