#8 Yes, I Am Helpless (DV)

Sasha SheoWhat I like Sheo-vectors for is that they can be used not all together but each one individually. It is just like an ordinary fashion: you buy a white shirt at one place, a green jacket at another place, and pink pants at a different one. What is more, if you wear all your clothes being of the same brand, add a perfume and a watch of this very brand on top, it will look ridiculous.

Therefore you should not worry that vectors on a definite Sheo-look contradict each other, let it be, it is just the right way. You should choose changes for those elements of your image that are the most catchy or even shocking for you.

Let’s take, as an example, Sheo-haircut for the Dangerous Voiceless, the girl who is silent and suffering,
is silent and suffering,
is silent and suffering,
in relations for years until she explodes and smashes all to pieces one day.

If it is about you: to notice everything, to say nothing to a partner out of the fear to lose him, to blame the complexity of own character for everything and therefore to avoid a bitter recognition of the fact that you are unhappy accumulating pain instead, try to act as described below.

Straight and simple

Firstly, get rid of asymmetry in your Sheo-haircut. Replace the “I am complex” idea with the “I am simple and easy with” idea. Stop taking responsibility for the relations. Remember that relations are exchange.

Secondly, cover the whole of your forehead. Simple people do not always say what they feel inside, but not because they do not understand it, but because they do not want to. They do not believe a person, for example.

Thirdly, cover your ears as well. Stop collecting evidence of the fact that your relations have been going wrong for several years already, there is nothing you can do with these evidences. Relax, life goes on no matter whether you are looking at it or not.

Fourthly, make your hair straight, it means to stop harboring hopes that everything will turn for better by itself. Let the emptiness fill you.

Why is it all necessary? It is necessary to transfer some of your stress and tension to the partner. Having noticed these changes (and (s)he is sure to if you do everything right) he will ask himself a question on what is wrong with you. In some time (s)he will address this question to you. And you will no longer be voiceless, your relations will get a breath of fresh air they haven’t had for long.

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