Like Children Do

Sasha SheoDangerous Voiceless is a classical example of a victim in relationship. She is the girl who is doing everything her partner wants and nothing of what she really wants. It is not that her partner is so unfeeling, but over the years of relationship she has taught him to neglect her. How has she managed to draw herself into the far corner so well? It is simple, she hasn’t been using her own desires for so long that they’ve stopped manifesting themselves.

With the help of Sheo-variety (DV has it rather faded) we give her an opportunity to enrich her image with a bright colour through finding out at least one thing of her own interest.

Here are successive steps to make a choice:

  1. Play a little girl: sit on the floor (literally) and look at the toys (imaginary ones) scattered around, those toys are potential areas of new interest.
  2. Sort out these areas busily, like children do, pick them up, look at them, pull together, scatter around, find new ones, wheeze and talk to them.
  3. Play with way until you feel the “signal from inside”, the instinctive feeling of “the one”. If it doesn’t come play again and again, time after time, as only this inside signal can bring you the real motivation.
  4. That’s it. Relax and wait. If you played absorbedly, with full dedication your new interests will find out and prompt further action.

The meaning of the game is evident: to make the way through to the long forgotten “I” and find out what “I” wants for herself only.