#1 Resilient Effrontery (YG)

Sasha Sheo

This is the first Sheo-vector for Yummy Girls. But let’s first remember what Sheo-line is. This is a combination of flexibility/rigidity and hardness/softness in your image. In particular, if you want relationship your line should not be rigid and hard at the same time, or flexible and soft simultaneously. Balance should be found.

But if you have found this balanced combination you should not stick to it for a long time but rather look for another one to be able to demonstrate variety. And then, in couple months, for another one. And so on and so forth, from one season to another. That is why the approach is called Sheo-Mo (“la mode” is fashion in French).

Rigidity/flexibility is changed through speech (the ability to comment on what you say, ability to explain your actions, to give feedback), while hardness/softness is changed through body contact, its amount and degree. Do you remember description in the article “Between Rigid and Hard (Sheo-line)”? Please, read it again.

Recommendation for a Yummy Girl

The Yummy Girl Model is a girl who makes sex for the sake of sex rather than for the sake of relationship development, that is why her relationships get stuck with sex and do not go further.

Yummy Girl’s Sheo-line is very (even too) flexible and not at all hard. Yummy Girl is easy to deal with as she will keep dumb, will not ask an uncomfortable question (unless she has followed our 2015 recommendations, of course) and will cuddle up as close as possible. Like a plaster.

As a result she lacks this very stickiness, a potential partner does not need to hold her as she takes a tight grip on him. Yummy Girls are knocked off on the contrary. It is really sad as she is lovely.

What should be changed and how should it be done?

New season Yummy Girl Sheo-line remains soft (warm, close, kinesthetic) but adopts more flexibility. Up to direct domination. You do know you have a significant advantage: sex. Use it as a lure; try to show your claws.

If you are really a Yummy Girl you never ask for anything from your partner, but is always eager to follow his wishes. That’s no good. Try to turn the game using the following reactions to his desires:

  • You haven’t deserved it
  • You are not making an effort while asking, ask properly
  • I am not in the right mood
  • Let me have a look at my diary just whether you fit or not
  • Is it a usual price?
  • It’s a day-off today – double tariff
  • Should I call for my friend?
  • No, I don’t want to. Maybe, tomorrow. No reason

These reactions should not go seriously but in a sexual playful manner, one after another until you find couple of them that works better than others.


Yummy Girls, please, remember that your personal gravitation grows when you refuse, not when you agree. Even if he gets angry and disappears he will come back in a while.