#1 An Inflatable Rail (D)

Sasha Sheo

As it has already been said in the description of the Yummy Girl line Sheo-vector, you cannot be rigid (not explaining your fears, wishes, thoughts and actions to your partner) and hard (being physically detached from him) at the same, or otherwise you find yourself alone.

But also you can’t be simultaneously flexible (constantly practicing Sheo-TPSM (Thanks-Please-Sorry-MayI)) and soft (without “unsticking” your partner), this excessive intimacy on your part will deprive a partner of responsibility for his emotional and physical contact share.

These are general comments on Sheo-line, and now let’s move to

Sheo-vector for Dotty

Dotty, as you remember, is a girl who is at the beginning of a relationship as she finished a previous long-term one and is eager to build new relations with her bitter experience taken into account.

Despite her eagerness Dotty is using an inefficient combination, she gets closer to her potential partner neither emotionally, not physically, as she is afraid to get stuck with an “unworthy” candidate and repeat it all again.

This is one of the reasons why she is slipping at the very start.

One out of two

Sheo-Mo vector is the following: keep rigidity and add some softness. Or rather like this: as far as I understand you will not take offence with anyone, just make efforts to find the one you will want to take offence with. Find a potential partner you will have no kinesthetic barrier with.

You will probably feel so shy in front of him that won’t be able to refuse him. Or maybe you will experience some maternal feeling to him which will let your fear go. Keep your emotional protection, keep silent, let your line be as straight as a rail, as usual. But let this railway steel seem cold and solid at first glance only.

Don’t say anything about your doubts and emotions, but at some point of the conversation take his hand and feel whether it is big or small, heavy or light, cold or warm, rough or gentle, hairy or not, etc.

Saying good-bye after a date don’t wait for him to hug and kiss you, cling to him and kiss on his cheek, not formally but feeling what you are kissing. Touch him with your lips trying to feel the taste.

Replace words with tactile actions. If he asks you “May I hug you?”, don’t answer, just move closer to him.

But remember! If these intriguing steps to love-making are followed by an emotional verbal outpourings, wizardry will lose its magic, the charm will dissipate, and the well will dry again. Follow the Sheo-vector, keep silent and maintain the suspense.